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core features


Presence detection

Detects who is inside your property and intelligently reduces power consumption controlling the air conditioning units that are not being used.

Fully customizable

We can customize the system based on your particular needs, we can accommodate most current sensors and technologies.

Full remote control

Have a centralized interface from where you can control all aspects of your home no matter where ever you are in the world.

Real time telemetry

Monitor the state of all sensors in your property, electrical power consumption, lights, temperatures, motion, etc.

Unique desing

First and only solution to feature transparent presence detection per room basis.

Easy to use

Our system can be used by anyone: all you need is a phone and you will be connected to your home.

Easy to use

How it Works

Presence detection

Our system will detect the presence of the occupants that are inside the property. It works by passive Wifi and Bluetooth sensing, no matter how many people live in the house our system will know who is home and will intelligently control the AC units that are not being used to save energy.

Door and window sensing

Monitor and control your building environment with wireless technology sensors to reduce your expenses and increase your profits.

Power consumption

Register the power consumption of every room, be aware if any faulty appliance starts using more energy than expected.

Battery Levels

Get notified if any sensor is low on battery and needs replacement. All our sensors are low energy consumption that boost a battery duration of over one year.

Server monitoring

Be informed in real time of the health and condition of all components of the system, you will know immediately if anything fails or is not working as expected.

History Graphs

Visualize trends over time, understand what is driving your costs, identify prematurely any issues and verify the accuracy of your monthly bills.

energy saving

Smart Energy Saving

This is a real-world example of a property where we installed our system. In 2019 the house did not have any automation, in 2020 we automated the air conditioning and added presence detection. As a result, the power consumption was reduced around 40% or 34.000 KW over one year, this equals to around 15.000AED savings in the electric bill in just one year.


Environmentally friendly

Have a positive impact on the environment. Currently most of the electrical energy produced in UAE is provided by petrochemical and natural gas power plants generating over 80.000.000 tons of CO2 per year only in electricity. Yes, that is 80 Billion tons per year, or around 20 tons per person per year.


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Meet our friend Abdul and learn how he improved his house with 161 Solutions.


Centralized app to control all aspects of your home

Our home automation system delivers 360-degree view of building performance to improve energy conservation. You will have graphs, charts, reports and dashboards to visualize all your building data, enabling you to increase your profits.


Modern, Elegant Design

Leveraging the latest technologies, we optimize the energy consumption of your property and avoid wasteful behaviors.

cross browser

Cross Browser Support

Use any web browser to access the control interface. You can access from any device with internet access without the need to install any application on your phone.

interface desing

User Interface Design

Our service includes a customized user interface design adapted to your needs, no matter the layout of your house we will make the application personalized to your building and requirements.

Our History

161 Solutions was born with the objective of reducing energy consumption and improving the efficiency of your home. With our solid team and background in the electronics and aerospace fields, we offer custom solutions in the IoT industry and can accommodate any client's need. We Implement all kinds of automation with personalized services and attention. Tell us what you want and we will make it happen.

After discovering firsthand the struggles homeowners face with high energy consumption we started working on a solution for our personal use obtaining excellent results in reducing energy waste in our own property.

With the success of the first prototype our system was deployed in several location and continued development, testing different technologies and maturing to achieve higher reliability and performance, expanding features to suit different use cases.

Continued working on improvement, adding more features based on customer feedback, improved ease of use, configuration options, optimizing the system, improving reliability and scalability to suit the market needs.

Registered company, launched website and executed marketing campaign.

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Absolutely, if you are reading this page chances are you are interested in reducing energy consumption. Our system is modular and designed in a way that we can adapt it to any building.

This depends on the size of your house. With the current electric rates the savings can be substantial. Get in touch to get an estimate.

Yes, we do, if our system does not save you money over time we will return the installation cost.

We can automate most aspects of your home, just let us know what you need and we will make it happen.